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Thank you for your interest in our After School Dance program. One of our goals here at GLA is to teach children to dance to a wide range of dance styles and music from all over the world.  Through this experience, the kids will learn to recognize the different styles of music.


The price for attending the program is $30.00 per week for GLA students and $40.00 for non GLA students, registration is $35.00 payable upon registration in the program, or, no later than the Friday before the first week your child is scheduled to attend class. 


Classes will be held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 2:30 to 6.00 p.m.

What To Expect From This Program

  • Fun - Our goal is to select music and teach dance styles and dance routines that will keep the kids engaged, interested, and excited about learning. And most of the dances learned in our program can be danced at school dances and other social occasions--more fun!
  • Challenge - Learning to dance, especially for young children, can be challenging--it requires them to be able to listen to instructions, take direction, and to work with others, as well as to understand and remember a variety of dance styles. 
  • Perseverance - We try very hard to encourage the kids to persevere, to keep trying and not give up just because it's hard.  We emphasize the feeling of reward and self esteem that comes with conquering a difficult task.
  • Tolerance - We try very hard to create a tolerant atmosphere in our program, where everyone--even kids who are not necessarily "popular" or socially adept--can feel welcome and accepted, and can participate as equals with a group of their peers.
  • Participation - The fun of dance--and learning to dance--results from consistent effort and participation.  We expect children who attend this program to actively participate in learning to dance--we are not here to provide babysitting services.
  • Exercise - Most of the time spent in the program is time spent moving to the music...whether the kids are learning a new dance step or dancing a routine that they have already learned, they can expect to be physically active a majority of the time that they are here.
  • Communication - We are available--in person, by phone, or via e-mail--any time you would like to speak with us about your child's participation in the program


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